Tuesday, 1 January 1980

Winter Sports in Switzerland

Non-fiction ~ sports
Published 1913
Approx. 56,000 words

The book is available online here.

Winter Sports in Switzerland (1913) could be sub-titled: Everything you want to know about Skating, Curling, Tobogganing, Ice Hockey, Ski-ing and Winter Resorts. The first chapter is a paean of praise for Switzerland ~ its mountains, snows and pine woods, beginning with a description of the journey from London, and ending with the almost mystical experience of ski-ing on a winter evening at sunset down the mountain in an ecstasy of silence [sic]. Then after the lyrical comes the severely practical; detailed instructions on how to be adept at all winter sports, what equipment to use, what clothes to wear, and what to do in the evenings. The comprehensive text is enhanced by forty-seven striking photographs by Mrs Aubrey Le Mond and twelve full page illustrations in colour by C. Fleming Williams. A coffee table book of its period, it is handsomely produced and stylishly written in Fred's most urbane style.
~Geoffrey Palmer and Noel Lloyd in E. F. Benson As He Was, 1988

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