Tuesday, 1 January 1980

Day In, Day Out

Non-fiction ~ foreword
Published June 1928

EFB provided the foreword to this autobiography by Mrs Aubrey Le Blond (1860-1934).  Here's a quote from the review of said book:
The author's reminiscences are those of a woman of wide experience and varied interests who has taken part in many branches of human activity and can speak with intimate knowledge of many well-known men and women.  [...] It is a record of personal achievement and sincere enthusiasm for life, an enthusiasm which she undoubtedly communicates to the reader.  The foreword is written by Mr E. F. Benson [...]
Source: Notes on Books by 'Critic', in The Devon and Exeter Gazette, 26/06/1928.  Mrs Le Blond was a keen alpinist, which is undoubtedly how Fred knew her ... or at least of her.

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