Tuesday, 1 January 1980

The Terror by Night: Collected Spook Stories Volume 1

Fiction ~ short story collection
Edited by Jack Adrian
Published by Ash-Tree Press (CAN), 25th September 1998

The collection comprises the following 14 stories, covering the period 1899-1911:
(1) At Abdul Ali's Grave
(2) The Man Who Went Too Far
(3) The Dust-Cloud
(4) Gavon's Eve
(5) The Shootings at Achnaleish
(6) The Bus-Conductor
(7) The Terror by Night
(8) The House with the Brick-Kiln
(9) Between the Lights
(10) Caterpillars
(11) Outside the Door
(12) The Thing in the Hall
(13) The Other Bed
(14) How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery

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