Tuesday, 1 January 1980

The Passenger: Collected Spook Stories Volume 2

Fiction ~ short story collection
Edited by Jack Adrian
Published by Ash-Tree Press (CAN), 17/09/1999

The collection comprises the following 14 stories, covering the period 1912-21:

(1) The Room in the Tower
(2) The Confession of Charles Linkworth
(3) The Friend in the Garden
(4) Dummy on a Dahabeah
(5) The Red House
(6) The Chippendale Mirror
(7) The Return of Frank Hampden
(8) The China Bowl
(9) The Passenger
(10) The Ape
(11) Through
(12) Thursday Evenings
(13) The Light in the Garden
(14) The Psychical Mallards

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