Wednesday, 21 December 1994

The Lovers

Fiction ~ short story
First published in The Tatler, 15th November 1922
Collected in Fine Feathers and Other Stories (1994)
Approx. 2,300 words
(First read 21/12/1994)

An Amy Bondham story.  (For others of these click on the appropriate tag below.)  Mrs Bondham is a very close relative of Lucia, the main differences being that the former is honest (at least to herself, anyway) and less pretentious.  In this comic story she decides to further her 'career' by adopting a chaste lover in the form of Stephen Merriall.  Excruciating hilarity ensues when, at a house-party, they are given communicating rooms ...  Does this sound familiar? ~ it should if you've read Lucia in London, in which EFB recycles the plot even down to the exact name of the 'lover'.  Still, it's a fun little story, available in Fine Feathers and Other Stories (1994).

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