Tuesday, 27 December 1994

George's Secret

Fiction ~ short story
Published 21st November 1894
Approx. 1,800 words
(First read 27/12/1994)

My original 1994 review of this one was a tad dismissive:
A fishing story.  Picture this: I'm sitting in my London club on a dreary afternoon in November at the tail end of the 19th century.  All inside is snug as a bug; I've just had a splendid lunch.  I pick up The Sketch and find in it a new story by 'that Benson cove'.  "Jolly good," I think to myself; "he's always good to pass an idle moment."  I embark on George's Secret ... and after no more than two minutes I'm sound asleep.
I re-read it last June (2013) and actually found it quite funny.  It's the simple tale of a chap who, having never fished before, goes at it like a bull angling for Dresden figurines, and ~ much to the displeasure of his pals ~ has stupendous beginner's luck.  When he introduces 'Art' to his technique, the streak fails.  Available in Fine Feathers and Other Stories (1994).

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