Sunday, 25 December 1994

A Comedy of Styles

Fiction ~ short story
Published in The Windsor Magazine, February 1914
Approx. 3,000 words
(First read 25/12/1994)

The 'styles' in question are the so-called English and International ones of ice-skating circa 1914.  (EFB, himself a keen skater, was naturally a devotee of the first.)  Now it's not absolutely necessary to go armed with an ability to picture the difference between them to appreciate A Comedy of Styles.  What you will need is a liking for very flimsy comedy-of-errors romances ~ by far from Benson's finest hour.  Available in Fine Feathers and Other Stories (1994).

A very amusing story of winter sports in Switzerland from the witty pen of E F Benson.
~The Southern Reporter, 29/01/1914

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