Friday, 13 February 2015

The Everlasting Silence

Fiction, kind of ~ short story or prose poem or something
First published in Lady's Realm, January 1898
Collected in Sea Mist, 2005
(First read 13/02/2015)

The story ~ such as it is ~ goes something like this: before God created Eve to keep Adam occupied, his best pal was ... erm ... a thing called Silence, and the pair of them had a whale of a time together.  Now Eve, being a woman like what she was, talked, and Silence didn't like this, so took umbrage ... or something ... then spent the next few thousand years observing the Sons of Adam and their wicked ways ... until ... erm ... did I mention that Silence looked rather like the Sphinx? ... or may actually have been the Sphinx? ... well anyway, the centuries passed and Silence carried on with his dudgeon, then one day he was dug up ~ okay that's enough ...
What to make of this muddy twaddle? what can the gentle readers of Lady's Realm have made of it in 1898? what is the point of it? what was EFB thinking?  Perhaps it's best just to draw a veil of silence over it ...

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