Monday, 4 August 2014

The Zoo

"Hullo everyone ~ I'm a quagga!"
Non-fiction ~ sketch
Published in Six Common Things, November 1893
(First read 04/08/2014)

Casting about for Something To Write About, EFB pays a visit to the zoo (undoubtedly London Zoo) and produces various sketches of the animal life.  As always, our favourite author excels himself when talking about animals ~ here he tackles parrots¹, seals, storks, bears, dingoes, snakes (for which creature he exhibits a peculiar venom² which can only be described as biblical), and, at some length, monkeys.  All good clean fun.  Unlike the majority of zoos, which any civilized person wouldn't even keep a quagga in. [joke]

You can read it online here.

¹ Again ~ see Jack and Poll.
² Pun unintentional.

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