Saturday, 19 August 1989

Lucia's Progress

Fiction ~ novel
Published 1935
84,300 words
(First read 19/08/1989) 

Since 1893, when Dodo agitated the literary communities of Britain, Mr E F Benson's delicate satire has amused and charmed again and again.
His latest novel is as witty and as entertaining as any of the many volumes he has written dealing with the day-to-day lives and ongoings of the irrepressible Emmeline Lucas ('Lucia'), her middle-aged butterfly friend, Georgie Pillson, the professional jeune premier of their select circle, and their coterie of diversified acquaintances in the little seaside town of Tilling.
Lucia's birth certificate demonstrates that she has now reached the half-century mark, but you would never guess. Georgie has adopted a beard, which is viewed with differing feelings by the social set of Tilling.
Perhaps the nastiest bit of criticism emanates from Elizabeth Mapp-Flint, who admires Georgie's beard, “except for that odd sort of sheen on it, like the colours on cold boiled beef!”
Lucia's innumerable lovers will be intensely interested in her matrimonial and municipal progress.
~The Courier and Advertiser [Dundee], 02/05/1935

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